Vintage Leather Professional Apron

$ 149.00

Vintage Leather Professional Apron. Gardening tool overall for women. Chef knife carry roll. High neck adjustable aprons for certified chef.

  • vintage/ Crazy horse leather.
  • 3 compartments.
  • Adjustable waist & neck belts.
  • 25″ waist x 30″ height.
  • Picture is for illustration purpose only. The color in real might slight differ due to the screen quality or resolution. If any wrinkle or scar you see on vintage/crazy horse/oil pull up/normal leather, it is the characteristic of leather.
  • Made to order only.



The picture of the Vintage Leather Professional Apron is for reference only. Each and every cowhide is unique in its texture and design. So expect change as per the picture.

Vintage Leather Professional Apron, whether your a home cook or butcher who likes their hands to get dirty then this is the must have equipment for you. Pamper yourself with this outclass fashion statement attire.

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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 30 in

Brown & White, Black And White


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