Spotted Cowhide Rug

$ 110.00

Black and white cowhide rug, Small black spots at both ends at the bottom. Ideal natural decor for your home, living room, office. See our whole website to browse cowhide leather bags collection.

Best for your home decor. Premium handpicked from direct sources.

  • Brand New
  • 24.5 SQ FT Approx
  • Ready to ship

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The picture of the Spotted Cowhide Rug is for reference only. There might be some camera resolution which results in a little shade difference, otherwise you will receive the same.

Our variety ranges from dark to light, large to small and tri color to mix colors. High quality Spotted Cowhide Rug is the best match to give your house or the area of decor you wish to give a soothing brand new look. Use in your personal DIY projects or layover in outdoor garden.

A unique way to decorate your house with a complete natural look. Outclass cowhide rugs, brand new and handpicked. We also offer patchwork cowhide rugs, sphere cowhide rugs. Star cowhide rugs. 3d style cowhide rugs. Shaggy cowhide rugs. Looking for leather traveler bag. Browse our website for a complete range of cowhide backpack. Cowhide duffle bag. Leather hunting bag. Leather Weekender duffle bag. We give you a latest trendy look so you can fashionable and stylish the way you want to be. Mens leather jacket. Men’s sheep leather jacket. Womens leather jacket. Women’s lamb leather coat. Wholesale leather garments. Leather carry bag for your flight or use it as leather camping bag. Impeccable craftsmanship.


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