Handmade Cowhide Tote Purse

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Handmade Cowhide Tote Purse for your lovely evenings. Plan your day with our essential cowhide leather tote articles. Brown and white natural cowhide rug used to make this lovely tote bag. Grab this now and feel the real richness of cowhide.


1- Made from Genuine Cowhide Leather.
2- Natural Cow hair.
3- Ladies purse.
4- Made from high quality leather.
6- 1 small zip pocket inside to keep your valuables.
7- Mobile phone pocket.

8- 16″L X 4″W X 12″H

  • Made to order exclusively. No two cowhides are same in nature and texture, so please expect change as per picture depicted.





The picture of the Handmade Cowhide Tote Purse is for reference only. Each and every cowhide is unique in its texture and design, so expect change as per the picture.

The ideal Handmade Cowhide Tote Purse for your daily use is here. Made from real all natural cow hide with premium leather. Redefine your wardrobe with our signature tote handbag purse, crafted with cowhide. If you wish to have your own design and style customize then do not hesitate to contact us. We require measurement, size and a sample picture if possible for reference to craft smoothly. All our cowhide rugs are handpicked and selected to made all these articles to keep them upto mark as per customers requirements and satisfaction. Choose from a wide range at our website and get instant discounts on all, regardless whichever design and style you choose.

We offers a wide range of cowhide handbags and leather purses. Our range varies from cowhide backpack, cowhide leather duffle bag, cowhide tote leather shoulder bag. Ladies Bucket purse and mommy bags. Zipper tote bag for multi purpose every day carry handbag. Handcrafted leather articles at a great price range with best styles and designs. Brown and white cow hide fur hand bag with leather handles and base. Brown leather bag, everyday shopper bag, handbags for women in Germany. Dark tone leather with double sided hair on fur in this leather article. Get your personalized tote leather handbag from us and enjoy the real and natural purse.


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Dimensions 16 × 4 × 12 in


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