Bedroom Cowhide Rug

$ 129.50

Bedroom Cowhide Rug at best prices, if you are looking for a specific shade then let us know. We will try to make it available. Browse our website to have the best cowhide leather handbags and purses. Select premium leather jackets for men and women.

Best for your home decor. Premium handpicked from direct sources.

  • Brand New
  • 34 SQ FT Approx
  • 75″ x 65″
  • Ready to ship

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Camera resolution may results in a little shade difference, however you will receive the same Bedroom Cowhide Rug. 

Brand new fresh stock. All the Pictures portrayed are from high end professional camera. All our cowhides are handpicked and selected which are unique in texture, style and design including this. Use it as indoor decor decor or for DIY your project, Bedroom Cowhide Rug is from our great collection  Grab a lovely cow hide rug for you home now for a real beauty.

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