Brown White Cowhide Rug

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Size of this Brown And White cowhide rug is approx 85 by 77 inches.

One of its kind, hand picked beautiful, spotted Brown White Cow Skin Rug.

All my Brazilian Brown And White cowhide rugs are Hand finished, Chromium tanned hundred percent natural and real, very soft and smooth hairs on, with back finished to suede, these brown cowhide rugs are perfect for floor rug or any kind of upholstery project.

One of the best features, these Brown And White cow skin rug are naturally stained resistant and wrinkle-free.

If you are looking for any specific shade of Brown White cowhide rug or bundle please feel free to send me a message.

These Brown And White Cowhide Rugs are not the average quality hides, but the best available and you will love the finishing, once you receive it.


Brown White Cowhide Rug

Brown White Cowhide Rug. If you are looking for any specific shade of cowhide rug or bundle please send me a message. 

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